Social Economy

What is Social Economy? 

Social economy refers to a third sector in economies between the private sector and business or, the public sector and government. It includes organizations such as cooperatives, nonprofit organizations, and charities.

The Social Enterprises Compass:

Here is a handy visual to help you determine whether or not a business is socially economic:


Social Economy Websites 

Below is a list of websites that pertain to the theory of social economy.

The Canadian Social Economy Hub


The Canadian Social Economy Hub has an ‘Understanding the Social Economy‘ section on their website that provides information and resources pertaining to the social economy theory.


The Social Economy Initiative

sei_word_cloud The Social Economy Initiative (based out of McGill University) provides a good introduction to the social economy and exist to develop a solid infrastructure for the social economy sector.



The Social Economy & Sustainability Network

socialeconsustresnetlogoThe Social Economy & Sustainability Network has compiled a lot of introductory material pertaining to social economy explanations, definitions, quizzes, etc.


Social Economy Centre

social_economy_centre The Social Economy Centre (SEC) of the University of Toronto promotes and disseminates multidisciplinary research and policy analysis on issues affecting the social economy.


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