Red Panamericana Toronto has a number of current community outreach projects, which are detailed below.



Azzurri Cruyff Court Toronto

We are very proud to announce that we are going to establish the first North American Cruyff Court, right here in Toronto. If you would like to learn more click here.





Social Economy Program – Toronto

Since 2004, we have been scouring the city to find businesses that fit into our socially conscious business directory*. This is to ensure that the residents of our fine city can find the most progressive businesses possible, for what ever products or services they need. We are very excited to show you this directory so that you can, simply by using our directory to plan your trip, enrich our communities. See, now you can promote social and economic change even while you are on vacation!

If you would like to see the directory in its original location on the Torontothebetter website please click here.

*However, we know that not everyone is familiar with the concept of social economy. If you would like to learn more click here.



AZZURRI DAY 2013 170 (2) (1)-bkuecheerInternship Program

Another Red Panamericana initiative is to provide internships for youth from at risk neighbourhoods where they can work and learn within a business from the social economy sector. This program uses social economy to strengthen and shape communities.

Alongside the Cruyff Court will be a social economy local market featuring several vendors from the surrounding community. As part of the Internship program several youth will be apprenticing at the vendor booths in order to:

  • learn the specific skills as they relate to the particular vendor,
  • learn how social economy works,
  • gain confidence,
  • meet and engage with local community members, and
  • stay mentally active.

We feel this compliments the sports angle of this project, since youth will stimulate their bodies with physical exercise yet will also stimulate their minds with the Internship program.


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