Who we are

Red Panamericana Toronto (the Panamericanan network) is a partnership of TorontotheBetter Learning and Development and the Hispanic development Council.

Mission: Ignite the spirit through a celebration of sport, community, arts and culture.

Founders: Duberlis Ramos, Taodhg Burns and Matias Ahumada

Goals: Red Panamericana Toronto will develop and implement the first Cruyff Court in Toronto and will provide a social economy business directory to aid visitors to Toronto select progressive businesses during their stay.

Further Background:

As part of our commitment to strengthening Toronto communities, Red Panamericana Toronto proposes to construct a neighbourhood mini-soccer field aka “Cruyff Court” (with possible subsequent courts to follow) named after the Dutch soccer great Johann Cruyff, in under-resourced Toronto neighbourhoods. This court will be the first Cruyff Court in North America. The Court will exist to serve all ages, physical capacities and both genders and will be particularly attractive to young people in under-resourced neighbourhoods. Though Cruyff Courts are designed for soccer, they can also serve multi-purpose play. Furthermore, if local schools or children’s groups, etc. would like to use the space during the day, while children are at school, the court can be reserved. Close to the field, there will be reserved space where members of the local community should be able to provide products/services as a social economy that enhances community vitality.

The effect of this project will be to create a safe community hub, where children are free to develop with the same amenities as children that have more resources. As important as the physical facility the Cruyff Court Project also provides a 14-rule playbook to teach children day-to-day developmental lessons and encourages community leadership and control. Thus our project will enable community capacity building, skills development and and  education. A priority feature  of our project will be a youth leadership program, which will empower and educate youth about community development and self-help. Cruyff courts are free and non-profit but we anticipate the ability to use the courts to build revenue when not is use for community sports.


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