Street Soccer Canada endorses Cruyff Court Toronto

Thank you to Paul Gregory of Street Soccer Canada who recently sent us the following:                     “We need the diversity on the pitch each day to be a reflection of all peoples in our community. Cruyff courts help to do that – through providing a space and a philosophy that seeks to include all players. Street Soccer Canada fully endorse the work of the Cruyff Court Toronto Plan and all that seek to make it happen…


Street Soccer Canada Meets Cruyff Court Toronto


Only a couple of weeks after Street Soccer Canada, Canada’s soccer NGO for the homeless, played at this  year’s Homeless World Cup in Amsterdam, founder Paul Gregory,  met the board of Cruyff Court Toronto to discuss opportunities for collaboration and mutual support. We learned about the difficulties Street Soccer Canada was experiencing in finding affordable playing facilities and explained the Cruyff Foundation commitment to fair play and accessibility to all. A plan was approved by our board to host a Street Soccer game early in the life of Cruyff Court Toronto, starting in 2016. 

Cruyff Court Toronto Visits 2015 Driftwood Multicultural Festival

Such energy and community spirit! TorontotheBetter was happy to make many new Jane-Finch solidarity friends at the Driftwood Multicultural Festival on the weekend of September 26, and tell them about our plans for Cruyff Court Toronto, Canada’s first Cruyff Court Toronto. Our next step will be to work with Jane-Finch Action Against Poverty and others to host a local benefit screening of the Homeless World Cup video.

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