Former Johan Cruyff team-mate Bob Iarusci leads Cruyff Court Toronto partner Toronto Azzurri Youth Sports Village

Former North American Soccer League player Bob Iarusci now leads Toronto Azzurri Youth Sports Village, Red Panamericana’s partner in Cruyff Court Toronto. In this recent article from Toronto’s Corriere Canadese newspaper Bob is seen with then team mate Johan Cruyff at his left shoulder and Italian star Giorgio Chinaglia to his right.    iaruscieCruyff-GOOD


New supporters for Red Panamericana’s Cruyff Court Toronto

Important new support for Cruyff Court Toronto is in place following recent communications with individuals and organizations including Toronto City Hall, Jonathan Power Squash and FIFA Canada. We expect that that former Hispanic Development Council student intern and member of Toronto’s Brazilian community Natalie Illanes Nogueira along with FIFA Canada official Dick Howard will soon join the board of Red Panamericana Toronto. Jonathan Power of the National Squash Association based at the nearby Downsview Hangar site and home to the Urban Squash Toronto community programme also also expressed a willingness to collaborate on projects of common interest. Maybe a first major community Squash-Soccer initiative for Toronto!