FIFA Canada Representative Welcomes Cruyff Court Toronto

dickh2                                                                                                                                                                                    At a recent meeting with Cruyff Court Toronto, FIFA Canada representative Dick Howard, former technical advisor to the Canadian Soccer Association and CONCACAF [Confederation of North, Central American and Caribbean Association Football), welcomed the news of Canada’s first Cruyff Court. Speaking to Red Panamericana Toronto spokesperson and former North American Soccer League team-mate Taodhg [Tim] Burns, Dick outlined some of the benefits he saw from the creation of Cruyff Court Toronto. With more and more young people playing soccer in Canada and North America as a whole Dick highlighted the growing pressure on existing soccer facilities in Toronto and the special need for the open, secure, inclusive soccer space that Cruyff Court Toronto will bring to the City. That Canada’s women’s soccer team is highly ranked and that Toronto will be hosting the Women’s World Cup of soccer as well as the Pan-Am games in 2015 makes this a particularly timely addition to Canada’s soccer environment, said Howard. Young people of both genders learning the game will find Cruyff Court Toronto  a unique aid in skills development. Finally, Howard, himself a qualified specialist in working with disabled athletes, identified the singular contribution the Court will make to opportunities for the many disabled in our community.


Dutch Consul General welcomes Red Panamericana’s Cruyff Court Toronto plan

Feb. 10, 2015

Dutch Consulate Welcomes Red Panamericana Toronto’s Plan for Canada’s First Cruyff Court

Red Panamericana Toronto, developers of Cruyff Court Toronto, named after Dutch soccer legend Johan Cruyff, today briefed Dutch Consul General Anne Gerard van Leeuwen about our plans to join the global Cruyff Court family by creating Canada’s first Court, in Toronto. The Consul General recognized the increasing need for safe, inclusive urban spaces for community sports and plans were made for publicizing Cruyff Court Toronto in Canada’s Dutch community.

We plan physical construction of the court at 4995 Keele St. (north of Finch), on the site of our partner Toronto Azzurri Youth Sports Village, to start in spring 2015.

For more about the global Cruyff Court network see:

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Soccer at the future site of Red Panamericana Toronto’s Cruyff Court Toronto on the grounds of our partner Toronto Azzurri.

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